CIO Texas Summit | Sept. 29, 2020 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations


Past and Present CIO Texas Summit Speakers

Distractions Cost YOU View details

Brian Robison

Senior Director Marketing & Chief Evangelist


Automating Cybersecurity View details

Mukesh Mirchandani


You Need to Know Who Is Accessing Your Data, But Do You Really? View details

Jason Zongker

Sales Engineer


Interoperability View details

Michael Madon


Setting the standard for Effective Endpoint Vulnerability Management and Remediation View details

Don Moss View details

BigFix Technical Adviser

HCL BigFix

How to Build, Govern, and Optimize a Secure Multi-cloud Strategy that Accelerates Innovation View details

Thomas Martin

Founder of NephoSec and Former CIO at GE.


Digital Transformation - Architecting Your Digital Edge View details

Bill Ellis View details

Senior Global Solutions Architect


Pitfalls to Watch Out in Digitalization View details

Ismail Dandia View details

IT Manager - Unconventional Shales


Success Secrets for Real World Digital Transformations View details

Bill Haser

Former CIO


The Revitalizing Change in the Role of the CXO View details

Al Lindseth View details

SVP - IT and Risk

Plains All American


The CIO Texas Summit is a chance to network, learn and engage with your peers on key industry concerns. Take some time out of the office to discuss and tackle the big issues currently affecting your company.

If you are interested in speaking at the summit Heed our Call for Speakers to submit your proposed session topic!

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